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Follow the Golden Globe Race!

The Golden Globe Race is underway. Follow Wempe-sponsored sailor Istvan Kopar as he races to solo circumnavigate the globe.  Istvan is armed with a Wempe Maritime unified chronometer to determine longitude accurately, a Wempe Zeitmeister Sport wristwatch, and an ultra-precise Wempe barometer to forecast the weather. You can follow the progress of the race here.

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Wempe Sponsors Solo Circumnavigation

During the 2017 Annapolis Sailboat Show, Wempe, along with USA distributor, GlobalTec Solutions LLC, met Istvan Kopar--an experienced and serious sailor.  During conversation with the intrepid seafarer, the company learned that the 65-year-old was preparing for a solo circumnavigation during the 2018 recreation of the Golden Globe Race.  Impressed by...

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Marine Chronometer at the Annapolis Show

Wempe USA will be exhibiting one of our handcrafted marine chronometers at the upcoming Annapolis Sailboat Show. The mechanical time piece is a rare instrument that points to the history of maritime navigation. Wempe is one of a few companies that still produce such a unit today. Housed in a wooden case,...

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