World innovation: Wempe Zeitmeister Tide Automatic

Zeitmeisted Sport Tide Automatic

New Patented Tide Watch 

The Zeitmeister Sport Tide Automatic from Wempe Glashütte i/SA is an exceptional timepiece for water sports enthusiasts and a precision instrument for professionals. A newly developed and patented rotating bezel with tide indicator provides information on the next high and low tide levels with two triangular markings while hour markers show the remaining time until the next tide. As an authorized importer and distributor, GlobalTec Solutions LLC is proud to offer Wempe's Zeitmeister Sport Tide Automatic in the United States of America. 

See the Tide Watch


This is how the Wempe Glashütte Zeitmeister Sport Tide Automatic works:

A tide calendar shows the exact time of high tide at the desired location. The HT mark (HT = high tide) on the bezel indicates the time of the expected tide change. The rotating bezel is infinitely adjustable in both directions.
The position of the hour hand (time) now indicates the time relative to the next high tide. The numbers with a minus sign on the bezel indicate the hours before the change, the numbers without a minus sign indicate the hours afterwards. After reaching the low tide (LT) level, turn the HT mark on the bezel to the time of the next expected high tide.



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Follow the Golden Globe Race!

The Golden Globe Race is underway. Follow Wempe-sponsored sailor Istvan Kopar as he races to solo circumnavigate the globe. 

Istvan is armed with Wempe Maritime unified chronometer to determine longitude accurately, a Wempe Zeitmeister Sport wristwatch, and an ultra-precise Wempe barometer to forecast the weather.

You can follow the progress of the race here.

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Wempe Sponsors Solo Circumnavigation

During the 2017 Annapolis Sailboat Show, Wempe, along with USA distributor, GlobalTec Solutions LLC, met Istvan Kopar--an experienced and serious sailor. 

During conversation with the intrepid seafarer, the company learned that the 65-year-old was preparing for a solo circumnavigation during the 2018 recreation of the Golden Globe Race. 

Impressed by Kopar's endeavor, Wempe agreed to sponsor the circumnavigation. Recently, Kopar was presented with two chronometers and a barometer to aid him during the race (skippers are not permitted modern technology for the Golden Globe Race).

You can read more about the units and the race here. Also, feel free to follow Kopar's progress leading up to and during the race here

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Marine Chronometer at the Annapolis Show

CW800004 Marine Chronometer
Wempe USA will be exhibiting one of our handcrafted marine chronometers at the upcoming Annapolis Sailboat Show. The mechanical time piece is a rare instrument that points to the history of maritime navigation. Wempe is one of a few companies that still produce such a unit today. 

Housed in a wooden case, the chronometer is painstakingly handcrafted by one of Wempe's master clockmakers. For the sailor of 2017, the chronometer is more a work of art or piece of history than a practical navigation tool. However, each timepiece must pass a series of tests for accuracy to receive certification as a marine chronometer. 

Wempe Chronometerwerke is a family-owned business specializing in marine instruments and timepieces. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and has been in business for over one hundred years. 

The marine chronometer and other select Wempe instruments will be showcased at the Annapolis Sailboat Show at booth YB6-7. We encourage anyone with a passion for sailing or timekeeping to stop by!

The show runs from October 5th - 9th and is America's largest in-water sailboat show. All the information that you need for attending the show can be found here.
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Newport International Boat Show

The Newport International Boat Show is in full swing in Newport, Rhode Island. Representatives from Wempe USA and from Wempe Chronometerwerke in Hamburg were in attendance at the show this week. 

We were visiting with local dealers and retailers as well admiring some of the beautiful yachts available to the boaters of one of America's most historic maritime cities. In the future, Wempe USA will look to display some of our elegant ship's clocks and other instruments at the Newport show, but this year it was great to visit. 

Hope everyone has a great show the last two days! We'll see many of you at the Annapolis Sailboat Show next month. 

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Wempe at IK Yacht Design

Wempe's line of elegant marine instruments is now available at IK Yacht Design. The Florida-based design firm has a range of the clocks and barometers on display in the company's Dania Beach showroom.

IK Yacht Design was founded in 1996 by Zak Kadosh and has been the first choice in interior design for yacht owners around the world. Adding Wempe's line of high quality instruments to its impressive offering helps IK Yacht Design maintain its status as a one-stop-shop for its clients. 

Not just a destination for yacht owners, IK Yacht Design has ample experience in the automotive, aviation, residential, and RV industry as well. 

"We want our products to be represented by companies with a history of high quality items and a track record of customer satisfaction--that's Zak and IK Yacht," said Justin Roem, Sales and Marketing for Wempe in the USA. 

To take a look at what IK Yacht Design has to offer, visit the showroom at 809 NE 3rd Street in Dania Beach or visit the website:

 Follow IK Yacht Design on Instagram

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Wempe Clocks and Barometers in Ft. Lauderdale

Next week, Wempe USA will be at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. We will be exhibiting some of the most elegant instruments in our range.

The Ft. Lauderdale Show is held at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center from the 3rd of November to the 7th and is one of the premier shows in the world. 

Hundreds of boats and products will be on display at the 57th annual iteration of the show. Make sure to stop by booth 706B in the Super Yacht Pavilion to see Wempe's high quality precision instruments. 

We will be displaying ship's clocks, barometers, thermometers, hygrometers, and complete weather stations. 

If you can't make it to the show, be sure to follow us on Instagram so you can stay in on the action! 

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Wempe Clocks and Barometers in Annapolis

Wempe at the United States Sailboat Show

Wempe USA enjoyed a successful exhibition at the United States Sailboat Show in historic downtown Annapolis. Our elegant clocks, chronometers, barometers, comfortmeters, and thermometer/hygrometers were received with excitement by the premier sailing community in the USA. 

SV 'Flight'

The Pilot III Series aboard SV 'Flight'

We were happy to see the Pilot III Series installed aboard the new Halberg Rassey 40 MKII, and are grateful to the owner of the vessel 'Flight' for allowing us on board. The new cruiser by storied Swedish builder Halberg Rassey is nominated for 2017 Boat of the Year. Find the Pilot III series here

Our Brand in the USA

Erik Kyle, Publisher GL Scuttlebutt and Justin Roem, Wempe USA

We had plenty of interest from marine publications and organizations excited about the availability of the Wempe brand in the USA. We even had an interview with Erik Kyle from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt to talk about our brand's history and quality. 

New and Improved

The Navigator II CW550013 as seen at the US Sailboat Show

During the show we were excited to exhibit the all new weather station in our Navigator II Series. The weather station consists of a ship's clock with a mesmerizing sweeping movement, a double aneroid barometer, and a thermometer/hygrometer. The instruments are housed in black aluminum cases and mounted in a black wooden board. 

The breathtaking instrument was a show favorite, and we think it found its way to some Christmas lists. Find the Navigator II series here

Next month it's off to the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat show. If you missed the products in Annapolis, be sure to visit in Ft. Lauderdale. Wempe will be at booth 706B. 

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Annapolis Sailboat Show

This weekend, sailors from around the globe will gather on miles of docks in beautiful downtown historic Annapolis for the United States Sailboat Show. This is an internationally acclaimed sailboat show, recognized as the largest, most prestigious, and oldest in-water sailboat show in the world.

The show runs from the 6th of October to the 10th and once again, Wempe will be showcasing some of our innovative and high quality instruments. 

Wempe offers a line of elegant ship's clocks and barometers. Designed for performance, these instruments have been manufactured in Germany for over 100 years. Wempe instruments exhibit uncompromising quality and timeless design. From ship's clocks and weather gauges to complete sets and handmade chronometers, Wempe offers products made to impress.

Come see these impressive instruments at booths YB6 and YB7 at the United States Sailboat Show this week.

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Wempe USA on Instagram

Now, you can follow all of the latest products and updates from Wempe USA on Instagram. From gorgeous new designs and product releases to upcoming shows and events, you'll have one more place to admire the exquisite Wempe instruments.

Ship's clocks, chronometers, barometers, thermo-hygrometers, and more will be front and center on our Instagram account. We'll also have some tips for maintaining your instruments and no shortage of sailing--especially in our own Baltimore Harbor. 

So, while you're wishing you were on the water make sure you're following Wempe USA on Instagram for the latest and greatest news, updates, and events.

See you on Instagram.


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