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Marine Chronometer at the Annapolis Show

CW800004 Marine Chronometer
Wempe USA will be exhibiting one of our handcrafted marine chronometers at the upcoming Annapolis Sailboat Show. The mechanical time piece is a rare instrument that points to the history of maritime navigation. Wempe is one of a few companies that still produce such a unit today. 

Housed in a wooden case, the chronometer is painstakingly handcrafted by one of Wempe's master clockmakers. For the sailor of 2017, the chronometer is more a work of art or piece of history than a practical navigation tool. However, each timepiece must pass a series of tests for accuracy to receive certification as a marine chronometer. 

Wempe Chronometerwerke is a family-owned business specializing in marine instruments and timepieces. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and has been in business for over one hundred years. 

The marine chronometer and other select Wempe instruments will be showcased at the Annapolis Sailboat Show at booth YB6-7. We encourage anyone with a passion for sailing or timekeeping to stop by!

The show runs from October 5th - 9th and is America's largest in-water sailboat show. All the information that you need for attending the show can be found here.
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Wempe Clocks and Barometers in Annapolis

Wempe at the United States Sailboat Show

Wempe USA enjoyed a successful exhibition at the United States Sailboat Show in historic downtown Annapolis. Our elegant clocks, chronometers, barometers, comfortmeters, and thermometer/hygrometers were received with excitement by the premier sailing community in the USA. 

SV 'Flight'

The Pilot III Series aboard SV 'Flight'

We were happy to see the Pilot III Series installed aboard the new Halberg Rassey 40 MKII, and are grateful to the owner of the vessel 'Flight' for allowing us on board. The new cruiser by storied Swedish builder Halberg Rassey is nominated for 2017 Boat of the Year. Find the Pilot III series here

Our Brand in the USA

Erik Kyle, Publisher GL Scuttlebutt and Justin Roem, Wempe USA

We had plenty of interest from marine publications and organizations excited about the availability of the Wempe brand in the USA. We even had an interview with Erik Kyle from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt to talk about our brand's history and quality. 

New and Improved

The Navigator II CW550013 as seen at the US Sailboat Show

During the show we were excited to exhibit the all new weather station in our Navigator II Series. The weather station consists of a ship's clock with a mesmerizing sweeping movement, a double aneroid barometer, and a thermometer/hygrometer. The instruments are housed in black aluminum cases and mounted in a black wooden board. 

The breathtaking instrument was a show favorite, and we think it found its way to some Christmas lists. Find the Navigator II series here

Next month it's off to the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat show. If you missed the products in Annapolis, be sure to visit in Ft. Lauderdale. Wempe will be at booth 706B. 

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