About Us

Wempe's quartz chronometer, tested according to the rules of the Federal Office for Navigation and Hydrography

CW800015 Quartz Chronometer


Wempe Maritime Division

Wempe Chronometerwerke was founded in 1905 in Hamburg, Germany and has been a family-owned business ever since. With expertise in maritime navigation, Wempe's team of world-class clockmakers hand craft the precise movements that are required for accurate navigation. 

Not only are the instruments manufactured by Wempe leaders in precision, but also in design. With high quality materials and breathtaking craftsmanship Wempe nautical instruments are unmatched in the industry.

Innovative Design

Wempe has perfected the traditional designs of ship's bells, chronometers, barometers, comfortmeters, thermometers, and hygrometers. Wempe also aims to be at the vanguard of new and breathtaking design, incorporating features like stainless steel or aluminum housing, Luminova dials and hands, and mounting plates with carbon finishes. 

CW550008 Navigator II Complete Set


Available in the U.S.A.

Now, these instruments are available in the U.S.A. In October of 2015, GlobalTec Solutions, an international distributor of high quality marine equipment, launched the US distribution of Wempe at the Annapolis Sailboat Show.