Admiral II Striking Clock

Wempe USA

$ 1,415.00

The Admiral II striking clock is a ship's bell clock with a mechanical movement. Like all of Wempe's striking clocks, the Admiral II has an eight day wind. The ship's bell clock was traditional used to keep track of shifts on board the vessel. A sailor knew when a shift started, how much time had passed, and when the shift ended all because of the chime from the ship's bell clock. Wempe maintains the nautical tradition of the ship's bell with the same series of chimes that has been used for generations. 

The Admiral II is one of the largest units in Wempe's product range. It is an impressive piece for any boat, home, or office. Available in high-gloss brass finish or in a chrome-plated finish. 

⌀7.28" x 2.76"

2.31 lbs

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